This is a series of mockups I created for Starcats. Our team felt that the quality of our previous menus were not up to the quality we were looking for, So I took to creating new menus that fit our aesthetic, were more space efficient, and looked modern. Below you'll find the current set of mockups that will ultimately make it into the game, and one mockup that was ultimately scrapped but still had an interesting look.
This is the style we finally decided on. It is based on a placeholder menu we had elsewhere in the game. We designed our menu to showcase our world and art, so it was important for these menus to have a small footprint while still being easily readable and flow well.
This is our game mode menu. Our game allows players to control a number of parameters for the game they will play. This layout is simplified, but the difficulty selector allows the play to select 'custom', where they would then be able to access and change parameters like the starting energy amount.
This is the main menu with a How To Play button that is selected. Since the how to play panel is not always visible and will command the players attention it was okay for us to cover up the background scenery.
This menu was an iteration before the above images. The intent behind this design was to be more cohesive with the design of the generators in the game, a central goal for players. This style ultimately created some issues when designing other menus that needed more content. It also proved to be too difficult to implement in the game considering the amount of time we had to dedicate toward that task, so it was ultimately scrapped for the above implementations.
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