Illinois Mutual Term Life Insurance Motion Graphic Videos
This video describes Illinois Mutual's new term life insurance product as well as the product bundles designed for the needs of different consumers. Provided a script I was tasked with designing this video, along with 3 others, that could graphically portray the details of the product, maintain our brand image, and define an animated video format that could be carried across to future videos.
The Home Path Solution video outlines a life insurance plan that could protect someone from losing their home if the loss of a loved meant meant they could no longer pay their mortgage. This was the most difficult video of this set to animate, as there is some detailed messaging about how this product can function compared to mortgage insurance.

Below are videos for the other two bundles. One of the most important traits of these videos was not to overwhelm the viewer with flashy, impressive motion graphics, but to use the graphics to help deliver the message and hopefully make the inherent complexity of life insurance easier to understand.
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