I'm Gage Melton, and I create games as IndieGage. Currently a Game Design student at Bradley University, my passion is to make games. My real dream is to make it as a solo, or as solo as possible indie dev. I love the challenge and freedom in working on a project on my own. Being able to tackle all parts of development helps broaden my skill set, as well as give me full creative freedom over the project.
Although it's my passion, I don't only want to work on smaller indie titles. I enjoy working in groups and collaborating. There are some things that can only be be done with more people. I hope to eventually find a job at a developer making larger titles, while also having the time to work on my own games on the side. If I can't make it as a solo dev that is.
Any questions or requests or some other random thing? Hit me up at the social media site of your choice at the top of the page.
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