Color Cannons is a 2-4 player local multiplayer game with turned-based combat inspired gameplay.
Control your tank by casting actions. Each action has a different cast time, requiring strategy to time movement, turning, and firing to knock your opponents out of the arena.

I made this game over the course of about a month, from the end of January to about the end of February. The design philosophy behind the game was to take the speed of actions determining turn order in a turn-based combat game and make it more real-time. So I implemented a mechanic where you queue up the action that you want to perform (move, turn, shoot) and each action takes a different amount of time to perform. It adds some strategy and also some uncertainty to the gameplay.
This gif is a demonstration of how the mechanic works since it can be hard to explain or understand at first.

This game is available for free right now on my page!
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