This project was my group's final semester project in our flash production class. I helped with the game design and I managed a small team of programmers while helping out with the mechanics for the game. The framework was Flash CC and the codebase was written in actionscript3.
On the project I worked as the team's lead programmer on the game, ensuring all game mechanics worked properly and maintaining organization and progress with the programming team. The most important thing I learned on this project was how to lead a team. Before this project I mainly worked alone but when I did work in  a group everyone would have there own roles and work together.
This project was different because I was leading my own team of programmers. It definitely wasn't easy being my first time leading a group on a game but it was fun and I enjoyed doing it. I also learned about Android device functionality such as sending vibrations as haptic feedback. To do this I had to learn some XML and integrate it with Flash CC.
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