I created this game over 2 days as a design challenge for my university's Digital Arts Team. The challenge being to create a piece of digital art using only 5 colors from a provided color palette. I decided to take the prompt and make a game, using the color palette as the anchor to design from. The unlit shader style is something I've been interested in. Thus, I decided to use this project as a study to familiarize myself with the style so that I could apply it in a future project. In the end though, I learned far more.
Not only did I acquire the knowledge needed to achieve this style in Unity, but I also learned something new about what a game is to me. This new perspective was gained by reading about alt games. The underground games that are even more niche than indie. these games focus on conveying their message and vision with no compromise. There's a lot more to be said about this, and if you're interested in reading more about how I feel about this topic check out this blog post I wrote following the development of AGUARS.

There is no story arc or compelling mechanic at work in AGUARS, and it's something people would throw into the pile of 'walking simulators' that are out there. I published the game anyways, even though there isn't much substance other that the handful of objects you can find and throw around. You can get it on itch.io here.
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